5 changes to make for your skin in Spring

5 Essential Spring Skincare Changes

As the seasons shift and we embrace the warmth of Spring, it’s time to give your beauty routine a well-deserved update. So, what does the change into the warmer months of Spring have in store for your skin?

The rising temperatures, increased humidity, and extended hours of sunlight bring about subtle yet significant changes in our skin’s needs. To ensure your complexion remains healthy, radiant, and free from the woes of breakouts or sensitivities, it’s crucial to adjust your skincare routine for the warmer months. Let’s explore five crucial adjustments you should make for your skin this Spring.

1. . ‘Spring Clean’ Your Skin: Cleansing Tips

With the transition to a warmer, more humid climate, your skin’s oil production tends to spike. This makes thorough cleansing a non-negotiable step in your beauty routine for Spring. Embrace the double cleanse method; start with the Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil to dissolve impurities, followed by a cleanser tailored to your skin type. Don’t skip exfoliation, especially after the colder months, to banish dry, dead skin cells. If you have oily or combination skin, consider increasing exfoliation to maintain clear pores. The Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse is ideal, containing exfoliating acids for a deep clean without any harshness. If your skin leans towards the sensitive side, opt for the Medik8 Press & Glow Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic for a gentle, daily exfoliation.

If your skin is prone to breakouts and in need of a deeper “spring clean”, then our range of in-clinic chemical peels are an effective treatment option if you’re looking to decongest and revitalise the skin, ready for summer. Shed the winter layers and reveal a younger, more refined complexion with our $99 Spring Reveal Peel, available in-clinic during the Spring months.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can still use the Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanse 2-3 times a week (starting off slowly) alongside a gentle cleanser such as the Medik8 Gentle Cleanse on alternative days.

As we like to say, “go low and slow” when increasing the use of exfoliating acids. For a gentle daily exfoliation, the Medik8 Press & Glow Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as the formulation provides a safe exfoliation whilst keeping the skin barrier healthy.

If your skin is prone to breakouts and in need of a deeper “spring clean”, then our range of in-clinic chemical peels are an effective treatment option if you’re looking to decongest and revitalise the skin, ready for summer.

2. Transition to Lighter Formulations coming into Spring

Bid farewell to heavy creams and embrace lighter, gel-based formulations for your Spring beauty routine. Spring’s increasing humidity calls for products that provide hydration without feeling greasy. Consider incorporating the Clarity Peptides by Medik8 for blemish-prone and dull skin. These potent complex addresses redness, blotchiness, and sebum production for a flawless complexion.

Additionally, opt for a lightweight, broad-spectrum SPF formula like the mesoprotech melan 130 SPF to keep your skin protected without weighing it down.

3. Keep Calm (and Carry On): Addressing Skin Problems in Spring

Sensitive skin may experience flare-ups due to allergens in Spring. Pamper your skin with products designed to nurture and protect against environmental aggravations. The Medik8 Calmwise range restores the skin’s protective barrier, minimising flushing and promoting a more youthful appearance. Say goodbye to uneven texture and hello to soothed, calm skin. This step is essential in your Spring skincare routine, especially if you’re prone to skin issues.

4. Good Oils = Good Skin: Combat Skin Issues with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Support your skin through the seasonal shift by incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. These essential fatty acids can help regulate oil production, benefiting everyone, regardless of skin type. Foods like salmon, mackerel, flaxseed oil, walnuts, and more are excellent sources. Alternatively, consider a high-quality Omega-3 supplement like the UltraClean EPA/DHA Plus capsules by BioCeuticals for a convenient boost. This dietary adjustment is crucial if you’re dealing with skin problems in the warmer months.

5. Spring Clean Your Beauty Stash: A Fresh Start for Your Beauty Routine

Spring is the perfect time to not only spring clean your house, but also your makeup and skincare. Just as you declutter your living space, it’s time to declutter your beauty routine. Check expiration dates on makeup and skincare products and replace any that have outlived their shelf life. For makeup wearers, transitioning to lighter, oil-free products can prevent breakouts. Don’t forget to regularly clean makeup sponges, brushes, and applicators to keep bacteria at bay. This step is particularly crucial for those dealing with skin issues during Spring.

Embracing these five essential changes in your beauty routine will help you transition seamlessly into the vibrant days of Spring. By tailoring your regimen to the season’s unique demands, you’ll ensure your skin remains fresh, radiant, and free from seasonal woes. For a personalised skin analysis and expert advice, book in for a Skin Programme consult with one of our Skin Therapists today.

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