Lash extensions can completely transform your face, how you see yourself and how you feel.

It’s absolutely no secret that eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not inspire the captivation with some expertly applied lash extensions? 

From beautiful eyes that flaunt more makeup to a natural, more simplistic woman that prefers a minimal look; Bobbie Charles has a lash style to cater to all your needs and desires. At Bobbie Charles we are true Lash artists and every new canvas we come across is an opportunity to prove that. We never approach our lash application as a ‘one size fits all’, taking our time to design and customise a look to suit each individual.   

From the moment you step into our Clinic, you will feel at ease in the hands of our Nationally Certified technicians. Every Bobbie Charles lash specialist is trained in the same advanced lash techniques, along with undergoing upskilling each year to ensure competency in new trends and products. This enables us to provide the exact same service outcome every time – no matter which highly skilled technician you see. We are known widely throughout Brisbane for our commitment to perfection and unwavering attention to detail. At Bobbie Charles, we use refined techniques and high-quality adhesives proven to last. We use and trust award-winning Lash Joy products to deliver exceptional results to our clients. At Bobbie Charles, the health of your natural lashes is paramount. Through perfected techniques and education, we promise to create your dream set of lashes without compromising your natural eyelashes underneath.


Treatment Time and Price:

We allow up to 2 hours for full sets however this will differ with each lash service. Whether you’re having classics or double layered lashes applied, full sets or infills; the price and time will alter accordingly.


Lash Extensions provide an instant result, this has you leaving the Clinic satisfied right away with your amazing new eyelashes! The result of  Lash Extensions is longer, thicker looking lashes to enhance your beautiful eye shape. The application of Lash Extensions is completely customizable to each unique hair thickness and texture.

Lash Extensions Brisbane Before and After

Lash Extension Services

(70 LPE)

Our Bobbie Charles Barely There (70LPE) set of classic extensions are individually applied to your natural lash to provide just that, a barely there set of lashes. This set delivers an ‘I woke up like this’ illusion. Perfect for clients who desire a natural, ¾ design or for mature clients wanting a very subtle change. This full set can last up to 6 weeks.

(90 LPE)

The Naturally Subtle (90LPE) set of classic extensions are expertly applied to your natural lash, providing the perfect solution for clients chasing light to medium fullness. Bobbie Charles has tailored this set for clients who desire an effortless “mascara like” look that can be maintained year-round. This full set can last up to 6 weeks.

(110+ LPE)

The Bobbie Charles Classically Defined (110LPE) set is our most requested classic lash service. Whether you’re chasing an elegantly defined look to keep your eyes popping or a holiday lash enhancement, this is the set for you. Perfect for clients wanting to save time on their daily makeup routine. This full set can last up to 6 weeks.


Our captivating Double Layered Volume set is designed for boss babes who love a full, fluffy, and exaggerated lash look. Two super soft eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural lash in a beautifully crafted fan design. Although defined, this set of lashes not only caters for clients looking for dramatic length and volume. Double Layered Volume lashes also enable gorgeous natural-looking enhancements, perfect for everyday fullness, a natural lash line that lacks volume or those jet-setting holidays. This full set can last up to 8 weeks.


To keep our high level of work consistent, we only refill lashes applied in our Bobbie Charles clinic. All refills need to be within 4 weeks, otherwise a full set will be required. A refill is a maintenance service that looks after your lash investment and natural lash health. Our technicians will carefully remove grown out or old lash extensions, replacing them to ensure your lashes stay healthy, classy and full year-round.


At Bobbie Charles we take great pride in maintaining natural lash health, this still applies when removing your eyelash extensions. When removing extensions, we apply a removal solution that gently dissolves the lash adhesive. We are then able to then slide off the lash extensions with ease, ensuring no damage is caused to your natural lashes. If you have had eyelash extensions applied by us and have an allergic reaction within 24 hours, please contact us as a matter of urgency and we will arrange a complimentary removal as per our guarantee.


A patch test determines whether you are sensitive or allergic to the adhesive used when applying lash extensions. Our patch test method consists of carefully applying up to 20 extensions throughout your natural lashes, these are kept very short so that they are undetectable against the natural lashes. A reaction to the adhesive will become evident within 24-48 hours and may appear as red, puffy eyelids, weeping watery eyes or itching of the eye area. Please contact us asap or see a doctor if this happens. Unfortunately, eyelash extensions are not for everyone; while you may not react to a patch test, more adhesive is used when applying a full set of lash extensions therefore a reaction is still a possible when your full set is applied. 

Service information

Ideal for:

  • You if you have naturally short lashes or don’t want to apply as much makeup 
  • Anyone looking to improve the overall look of their eyelashes and eye shape
  • If you feel like your eyes look small or tired and need rejuvenating 
  • Anyone who wants to wake up feeling like something is already done on their face
  • If you have sensitivities to mascara 


  • Sty
  • Eye infections/disorders
  • Allergy to cyanacrylates
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Extremely short, damaged or gappy lashes
  • Alopecia 
  • You must have not had cosmetic tattooing on the eyeline in the past 4 weeks
  • Recent eye surgery i.e. blepharoplasty 

Expected Side Effects:

  • Rarely clients can experience dry or watery eyes from having their eyes closed for a long period of time, especially if they are wearing contacts. Our technicians will always advise you to take contacts out before a lash extension application to avoid this.

Potential Risks:

Although the potential risks of Lash Extensions are very rare, it’s still highly important to educate yourself and understand the risks with any new treatment. At Bobbie Charles, we take the health of your natural lashes very seriously. We would never overload your lashes with extensions that are too heavy, and we would always advise you what length and thickness is suitable to keep your lashes as healthy as possible. We also record client notes after every single appointment so that we always know what you’ve previously had and what’s working best for you. It’s important to note that none of the risks mentioned below are ‘normal’ when wearing lash extensions or having them applied. If you have any kind of itching, swelling, redness, irritation or discolouring of the eye, it’s important that you schedule an appointment immediately to have the extensions removed. If the salon is closed or for whatever reason you can’t get to us, you must see a medical professional.

  • Irritation and redness
  • Inflammation and/or swelling
  • Infection; Lash Extensions can trap dirt and bacteria, leading to serious infections including pink eye. This is why cleansing your lashes regularly is SO important, which we discuss with you as a part of your aftercare
  • Allergic reaction to the adhesive; all lash adhesives contain the ingredient ‘cyanoacrylate’ which is the ingredient that bonds your natural lash, to the extension. Although it’s quite rare, this ingredient is the cause of most allergic reactions. If you know you have sensitive skin or suffer from other allergies, it’s important to book in for a patch test before getting a full set of extensions
  • Loss of eyelashes; if your lashes are causing any irritation or pulling, it can lead to a condition called madarosis, which causes you to tug on them. If the extensions placed on your natural lashes are too heavy, this can also cause a condition called traction alopecia, where the hair falls out due to excessive tension placed on the hair shaft. As a result, this can damage the hair follicle which can slow down and even cease production of hair

Pre-Treatment Requirements:

  • You must wait 4 weeks following your last eyeliner cosmetic tattooing perfecting session before we can apply extensions
  • No waterproof mascara 3 days prior to your treatment as it can be very difficult for us to remove
  • If your natural lash line grows in all different directions (i.e. curly lashes) you may want to book a lash lift and tint as well

Post-Treatment Requirements:

  • Do not get your extensions wet for the first 24 hours. Exposing your new extensions to any moisture, such as steam, high humidity and water, will result in the lash adhesive over-curing and becoming brittle, and your extensions will fall out faster.
  • After 24 hours please keep your eyelash extensions clean – cleaning them daily as instructed by your lash technician with the designated lash cleanser. Bodily oils that travel onto your extensions will break down adhesive if not removed by cleaning. Failure to clean your eyelashes will not only result in poor retention, but the build-up of bacteria, and can lead to eye infections 
  • Keep oil-based products away from your extensions altogether as it will cause your extensions to fall out prematurely 
  • Gently brush your extensions 2 – 3 times a day to keep them looking neat, tidy and uniformed. 
  • Do not pick or pull out your extensions. The adhesive, although safe to use, is very strong and picking or pulling will pull your natural eyelashes out.
  • Do not sleep on your face. Your extensions are delicate so “face planting” in your pillow will cause your extensions to fall out where they are being “rubbed at” in the night – invest in a silk pillowcase for your hair, skin and eyelashes.

We recommend that you rebook for a lash refill every 2-3 weeks. Your BC technician will rebook your next appointment in clinic to keep your lashes looking lush!

This is where our Brisbane Lash Experts come in handy! When we refill your lashes, we ensure your lashes are kept healthy by applying on baby extensions to any new hair growth coming through. We stock the Grande lash peptide serum in salon also, which we recommend applying once or twice a day. This serum promotes lash growth and will have you seeing results in as little as 4 weeks. In conjunction with the use of a lash serum, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is another great option. Silk glides across the lashes whereas cotton and flannel cling to your extensions causing them to fall out quicker. Silk pillowcases don’t just help with the longevity of lash extensions, they help combat unwanted wrinkles and assist in keeping your hair smooth and frizz free. 

Extensions, if applied correctly will not compromise your natural lashes. We apply each extension to an individual, natural lash ensuring that they grow out comfortably and without causing damage. Mistakes made by inexperienced lash tech’s like adhering multiple natural lashes together or applying extensions too close to your eyelid is what will damage your natural lashes. At Bobbie Charles your lash health is our priority, we promise you are in the very best of hands. If you are ever unsure please check what our clients say in our reviews.

We offer classic (1:1) and double layered (2:1) eyelash extensions. Classic extensions are one individual extension placed on one individual natural lash – up to whatever thickness your natural lashes can safely hold. Double layered extensions are two or more extensions applied in a fan to one natural lash. These Russian type lash extensions are finer, making them look fluffier and more voluminous.

If you can if you feel it necessary (you shouldn’t feel the need to unless it’s getting close to infill time) we ask that you avoid waterproof mascara, apply only to the tips of your lashes and use your lash cleanser each night to remove. We recommend our Grande Mascara only as it’s safe for extensions and easy to remove.

You can, as long it is oil-free. Oil deteriorates the adhesive and will cause your beautiful extensions to fall out faster.

If lash extensions are applied correctly, they should not irritate your eyes at all. In the rare instance you experience an allergic reaction, you need to contact us to have them removed immediately.

Although very rare, there are several reasons you could experience your lash extensions falling out prematurely.  The most common reason is getting your extensions wet in the first 24 hours after your service. Even going to a sauna or the gym within those 24 hours can affect the adhesive curing properly. Changes in season, medications or lifestyle can also affect your lash retention. Sleeping on your face or rubbing your eyes throughout the day will also potentially pull the lashes out. Ensue you discuss any excess lash shedding with your technician when we see you in clinic. Please remember we have out 24-hour quality guarantee that will come into place if something ever is to happen – please call our friendly staff anytime.

Natural oil and dirt from your eyelids can build up in the small gap between the root of your natural lashes and where the extensions are applied. Oils can deteriorate the adhesive resulting in a shorter period of lash retention. Your eyelid is naturally the oiliest part of your body so washing your beautiful lash extensions is a must! Cleansing your lashes also prevents harmful eye diseases and infections caused by an accumulation of bacteria.

Lashes Per Eye. (Did you know we have 80-160 natural lashes per eye on the top and between 40-80 lashes per eye on the bottom)


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