Brow Cosmetic Tattooing


Our well renowned cosmetic tattoo specialists are skilfully trained in the leading industry tattooing techniques including Nano Machine brow, Powder brow and Combination brow.

With a wealth of knowledge, you can trust that at Bobbie Charles, your eyebrows are in the best of hands! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cosmetic tattooing, we design your new brows around your individual facial features and skin tone.


Also known as Nano hair stroke or Feather brow

This technique uses a machine to create individual hair strokes on the skin, similar to the way your natural brow hair would look. Perfect for those who desire a more natural result, wanting to fill in gaps within their brows or don’t want an overly defined look. This technique is the ideal option for clients that want to ease into cosmetic tattooing.

Bobbie Charles Powder Brow


Also known as Ombré or Machine Brows

Powder brow technique offers a result that mimics the look achieved by filling in your brows with an eyebrow powder or pencil. The result of this technique can look as full or natural you desire. This technique is perfect for those looking for more definition and added fullness.

Bobbie Charles Combination Brow Tattoo


A Mix of Nano Hair Stroke and Powder Brow techniques

Combination brow technique starts off with nano hair strokes on the inner brow, followed by a powder technique to fill the tail. This technique enhances and adds depth to the tails of your brows.

Service information

When you book your brow tattoo with us, your brow tattoo journey includes two tattoo appointments as detailed below:

  • Initial tattoo appointment (1.5 hours total including numbing)
  • Perfecting session, performed 8 – 12 weeks after your initial appointment (1.5 hours total including numbing)

We recommend yearly refresh appointments to maintain your eyebrow shape and colour.


  • Keratosis
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Extremely sensitive skin
  • Clients under 18 years of age
  • Dermatitis or eczema in the area to be tattooed
  • Chemotherapy patients (please contact for a phone consultation)
  • Excessive keloid scarred skin / prone to keloid scarring (please contact for a phone consultation)
  • Diabetic clients (please contact for a phone consultation)
  • Recent eye surgery (please contact for a phone consultation)

Expected Side Effects:

  • Mild redness surrounding the brow area that generally subsides within 24 hours.
  • Slight localised swelling to the brow area that generally subsides within 24-72 hours.
  • Minor weeping from the brow area may occur for 2 – 4 hours immediately post procedure.
  • Sensitivity lasting up to 72 hours post treatment.
  • Skin peeling/exfoliation of the tattoo. This generally subsides in 5-10 days.
  • Itching and flaking as the tattoo naturally heals.
  • Tattoo colour will appear darker than desired, this will lighten and soften as the tattoo naturally exfoliates and heals.
  • Please note: we cannot touch up/re-tattoo within 6 weeks.

Pre-Treatment Requirements:

  • We recommend avoiding the sun and/or UV tanning for 30 days prior.
  • DO NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours prior.
  • DO NOT drink caffeine the day of your appointment if it can make you anxious or agitated.
  • No skin treatments for 3 days prior.
  • No LED treatments for 3 days prior.
  • Cease use of prescription retinol products 3 months prior.
  • ANTI-WRINKLE / FILLER – We recommend waiting 2 weeks after any muscle relaxant injections and 4 weeks after having filler before your tattoo procedure.
  • If you’re on blood thinning medications that require a prescription i.e. Warfarin, you will need medical clearance from your doctor allowing your tattoo procedure.
  • Blood thinning medications that do not require a prescription, e.g. Vitamin E, Aspirin, Fish Oil must be ceased 72 hours prior.
  • No colouring techniques on your eyebrows 4 weeks prior.
  • No lamination on your eyebrows 6 weeks prior.
  • We cannot proceed if you have broken skin in the area, and your treatment will need to be rebooked.
  • In any case where you are suffering a non-contagious skin condition, you should seek medical treatment and obtain clearance from your doctor before any tattoo procedure can be performed.

Post-Treatment Requirements: 

  • NO swimming, spas, saunas, makeup or direct water on the tattoo area for 10 days.
  • NO exercise for 7 days (sweat can cause premature fading of your tattoo pigment).
  • Do not pick, itch or irritate the exfoliating/peeling skin. Exfoliation/peeling is a part of the healing process, this usually takes about 5-10 days.
  • It will be 4 weeks before the true colour of your cosmetic tattoo appears.
  • We recommend waiting 2 weeks post procedure before having skin treatments (peels, dermaplaning, needling etc.).
  • We recommend waiting 3 days post procedure before having LED skin treatment.
  • ANTI-WRINKLE / FILLER – no injectables in the tattooed area for 4 weeks post procedure.
  • Apply sunscreen that has a minimum of SPF 30 to tattoo after its healed to prevent fading and degeneration of your tattoo.
  • Always ensure you are using clean hands if you need to touch your tattooed area, as you are prone to infection during the healing phase.
  • The only products to be used on the brow area until healing is complete is what is provided to you in your aftercare kit.
  • Avoid the use of skincare products containing any resurfacing ingredients ie AHA/BHA, retinoids, hydroquinone for 7-10 days. After this time avoid the product on your tattoo area to prevent premature fading.
  • Keratosis
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Extremely sensitive skin
  • Clients under 18 years of age
  • Dermatitis or eczema in the area to be tattooed
  • Chemotherapy patients (please phone for a quick phone consultation)
  • Excessive keloid scarred skin / prone to keloid scarring (please phone a quick phone consultation)
  • Diabetic clients (please phone a quick phone consultation)
  • Recent surgery on or near the area to be tattooed (please phone a quick phone consultation)

We use high quality topical anaesthetics to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Everyone has a different pain threshold; therefore, some people may experience a little more discomfort than others. We do everything within our power to ensure you are kept as comfortable as possible.

We move your eyebrow hair throughout the procedure when implanting the pigment into the skin. Some people may experience 1 or 2 hairs coming out within the peeling phase. These hairs are generally ready to come out naturally and do so when the pigment, skin and bodily fluid come away from the tattoo once it has healed.

Our artists are highly skilled to perform procedures with or without hair present on the eyebrow.

Two procedures are needed, 8 – 12 weeks apart. With most procedures, the colour fades 30% initially. For the second procedure, our cosmetic tattooist gauges the colour retention and how you are feeling with the shape/colour before making any adjustments required.

We ask that you allow up to 1 hour 30 mins for your appointments. This includes numbing time.

Cosmetic tattooing can benefit most people, some of the top things that cosmetic tattooing can help with or enhance are:

  • Thicken and define sparse, thinning or hairless brows
  • Improves asymmetry
  • Covers or camouflages a scar in the brow area
  • Quickens your makeup routine giving you more time in the morning

The microblading technique is the process of placing tiny hair-like strokes of colour into the skin using a hand tool that is made up of a row of tiny needles.

The nano machine hair stroke technique is the process of implanting pigment into the skin with a machine, similar to a normal tattoo machine with a needle, to mimc the look of a hair stroke.

Cosmetic tattooing generally lasts up to 1-2 years however each skin type will retain the pigment differently. This does not mean that the pigment will be completely faded, your cosmetic tattoo may just need to be refreshed to keep the tattoo looking fresh year-round.

Fading occurs due to increased sun exposure, facial treatments, certain skin products (specifically Vitamin A) and also when a lighter shade of pigment is used for the tattoo.

Ensuring you use SPF daily and avoid your tattoo area where possible with facial treatments, Vitamin A and sun exposure, can all help prevent fading.

The pigments we use is Perma Blend, an Iron Oxide base pigment that is TGA approved. Specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin, Perma Blend Pigments are also vegan and cruelty free. There are numerous base colours which can be mixed to create a custom colour to you.

Cosmetic tattoo pigments have been created for using on the face/areola/scalp specifically and are pre-mixed and sterilised, they have been formulated to allow for a ‘fade factor’- this makes them different from tattoo inks used elsewhere on the body.

This is different for every client. When we pick a pigment colour for your brows, we take into consideration your skin type, skin undertones, products you use on the skin and your everyday environmental factors. Pigments are either a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ base and if left to completely fade off tattoos will turn ‘warm’ (orange, red, pink) tones or ‘cool’ (grey, blue, cool brown) tones. Cosmetic tattoo pigment colours have been created for use on the face and are pre-mixed and sterilised, they have been formulated to allow for a ‘fade factor’. We recommend touching up your tattoo every 12 months.

If you are not local that is completely fine, we can arrange a video consultation (bookable online). We can then proceed to book your appointments well in advance so that you can plan your trips to the clinic for your appointments.

Our artists are highly skilled in cosmetic tattooing, we pride ourselves in ‘mapping out’ the brow to create an individualised shape. ‘Mapping out’ the brow means we use your facial structure and measurement tools to assist in finding a shape that is perfectly suited to you.

We maintain our legal requirements for Queensland and hold a ‘Brisbane Council Skin Penetration Licence’. All of our Cosmetic Tattooists are trained in advanced techniques and are fully accredited. Our clinic upholds very high standards in infection control and use the latest technology, machines and pigments. We display all of our licensing and certification in clinic so you are able to view this at all times.

We recommend you DO NOT exercise until your tattoo has naturally exfoliated or peeled, usually 7-10 days. When we exercise, we increase our body temperature and in order to cool down we perspire (sweat). Perspiration contains salt which can infect your tattoo area. As perspiration comes from inside the skin it can also push the pigment out of the skin, this can result in the pigment not being retained in the skin and the occurrence of premature fading. Even a light workout can cause you to sweat.

Yes. However, cancer patients will need to obtain medical clearance from their oncology specialist prior to having cosmetic tattooing performed.

Cancer survivors will need to wait 6 months post remission before having cosmetic tattooing performed, you will need to obtain medical clearance from your oncology specialist.