At Bobbie Charles Brisbane Clinic we specialise in skin and we truly understand how important it is to unwind and have self-care.

This is where our facial menu was designed, for that exact reason; RELAX, UNWIND, RESTORE! 

Our facials are the ideal option for those wanting a nurturing skin treatment without the downtime. Whilst less invasive than our other advanced skin treatments, our indulgent facials will still provide immediate rejuvenated and glowing skin. Facials are a great introduction to your skin journey, the perfect gift to spoil a loved one or the ideal treatment option between other skin procedures to maintain results. Let our Brisbane facial experts take you into a deep relaxation while we nurture and support you. The world can wait!



Apart from the instant glow that you first notice; you will feel more youthful, relaxed and rejuvenated. We will send you back into your world feeling light as a feather.

Mesoestetic Facial Menu

Mesoestetic Advanced Epigenetic Facial + LED:

A next-generation professional anti-aging system inspired by the most advanced medical aesthetic technology that incorporates the [meso]epigen system™ complex coupled with near infrared light technology.

The ultimate facial for aging skin, this innovative and customisable treatment uses unique diagnostic technology to identify skin needs, lifestyle and treatable conditions alongside epigenetic variables that can affect the aging process for each individual. The result? A 100% personalised professional and at-home treatment course to deliver youthful-looking skin through innovation and anti-aging efficacy.

This treatment system is designed as a course of 5 sessions, all partnered with our medical grade LED which works on cellular activation and DNA repair at the deepest of levels for a wide range of benefits.

Medik8 Corrective Facial Menu

Platinum facial:

Medik8’s signature luxe facial. A true treatment innovation delivering visible and immediate rejuvenating results. Platinum powder and haritaki superfruit are blended with lifting polysaccharides to visibly plump and firm skin, revealing a more youthful and radiant looking complexion.

Glowing facial:

A power-packed facial with an intense hit of brightening actives, including vitamin C, to boost the skin and help enhance skin rejuvenation. Luminosity and radiance are visibly restored to leave the face and senses re-energised and the complexion healthy and glowing.


This clarity treatment contains passionflower and cranberry fruit extracts. They work in. harmony with deep cleansing actives to restore and visibly clear and soothed complexion. Impurities are swept away, and moisture levels are boosted, resulting in skin that is rebalanced, clarified and healthy.

Pore refining facial:

A skin perfecting facial treatment with a 360-degree targeted approach to tackle the appearance of large pores. Advanced charcoal and moringa extract work in synergy to gently break down blockages. Skins natural elasticity is rebooted for a flawless, smooth complexion.

Deep hydration facial:

A multi-level hydration treatment delivering intense nourishment for dry, thirsty skin. The nutrient-rich mask floods skin with moisture to help plump dehydration lines and revive suppleness. Skin is left soft to touch, intensely hydrated and healthy. 

Calming facial:

A professional treatment to soothe and comfort sensitised, irritated skin. The unique application of the calming bio-cellulose mask enriched with zinc and hyaluronic acid caresses the face to restore comfort levels. Feeling of tightness and inflammation disappear revealing visibly calm, even and radiant skin.



Book your in-clinic consultation with one of our expert Skin Therapists for in-depth advice,
treatment plan and product recommendations based on your skin type,
concerns and lifestyle in mind.

Whether you’re new to skin care or ready to take your skin to the next level,
we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

*If you pre-pay for your treatment plan or spend over $500 on products,
your consult fee will be complimentary.

Service information

Treatment Time & Frequency:

Our relaxing and restorative facials give you 60 mins on the treatment bed unwinding. We recommend performing them on a fortnightly basis for optimum skin health.  

Can be combined with: 

Ideal for: 

  • Dull or dehydrated complexion
  • Skin rejuvenation 
  • Blemishes & Congestion
  • Oily unbalanced skin 
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding 


  • Severe rosacea or acne (we will treat this with LED Light Therapy)
  • Infectious disease
  • Active Herpes simplex

Expected Side Effects:


Potential Risks:

The potential of a small breakout if you have a lot of congestion that needs to be brought to the surface.

Pre-Treatment Requirements:

Post-Treatment Requirements: 

SPF 50+ broad spectrum daily

You certainly can! Always consult your medical professional if you are concerned.

Facials are an effective and gentle treatment option and for that a lot of people chose facials with their skin just needs nourishment and nurturing. Facials are a great choice if your skin is feeling like it needs to regenerate after advanced peels or laser treatments. Although not as invasive as other treatments, they still deliver immediate glowing skin. Facials are a great introduction to your skincare journey or the perfect luxurious treatment to gift a loved one. As there is no down time, a facial treatment can be performed just before a big event to ensure your skin is looking it’s best.

You can but you are beautiful just the way you are. Be proud of your glowing skin, let it breathe and flaunt it! But if you must a mineral makeup with clean makeup brushes for the application is best; we recommend Young Blood.

Generally, facials are recommended at least once a fortnight to keep your skin in check. For more targeted results, we recommended alternating our facials with other skin treatments.