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Welcome Jessica to the Team

Join us in welcoming our newest Dermal Therapist, Jessica to the Bobbie Charles team. Jessica has held a passion for skin since an early age, and has a keen eye for detail and commitment to customer care. Read more to get to know our newest therapist.
Ways to switch up your skincare in Autumn

5 ways to switch up your skincare in Autumn

As the seasons change, so does our skin. Just as you switch up your wardrobe, it’s important to do the same for your skincare regime. Read on for 5 effective ways to switch up your skincare regime as we head out of Summer and into Autumn.
Nutritional Medicine for Glowing Skin

Good health and glowing skin both begin in the gut

There’s been a lot of focus on gut health and its influence on our overall health in recent times. I am not convinced, however, that we realise the extent to which the health of the gut governs our mental health, weight, bowel regularity, skin health, autoimmune health and so much more.

Introducing Nyree Helen

We’re excited to welcome Nyree to the team, and offer you more advanced cosmetic treatments at Bobbie Charles. Nyree is a Registered Cosmetic Nurse with over 25 years of clinical experience across a range of specialities.

My Cosmelan Journey

Cosmelan® by mesoestetic: the world's most effective depigmentation treatment. There's no doubt that cosmelan® delivers phenomenal results, but one of the biggest questions I receive about cosmelan® is how it feels after, so I documented my cosmelan® journey in real-time.
Medik8 - Denise Applying Crystal Retinal

Crystal Retinal Vs Intelligent Retinol

Crystal Retinal Vs Intelligent Retinol. Both Crystal Retinal and Intelligent Retinol have amazing anti-aging properties, but why do we favour Crystal? Read more about the vitamin A conversion and the benefits of each.

Welcome Meyka to the team

New team member alert! Join us in welcoming our newest lash and brow technician, Meyka, to the Bobbie Charles team. Meyka illustrates a natural talent for lashes and brows and a student’s mindset as she demonstrates perfect technique and a passion to deliver quality results. Read more to get to know our newest therapist.

The Benefits of LED using Healite II

Healite II, a world leading LED light treatment for skin rejuvenation and healing, would have to be our most popular and well-loved skin treatment at Bobbie Charles. Read the amazing benefits of Healite II, the best the industry has to offer!

Welcome Shikya to the Team

New team member alert! Join us in welcoming Shikya to the Bobbie Charles team. Shikya is an accredited Beauty Therapist who moved to Brisbane to pursue a career in Beauty. Read more and get to know our newest skin, lash and brow technician.

Layering Skincare: Create the perfect Medik8 Regime

Create the perfect regime tailored specifically to your skincare needs. But with so many products, where do you start with layering your skincare? We help you understand how to layer them onto the face, in the morning or evening.
Cardless Payments

Cardless Checkout is here!

Cardless Checkout is now available at Bobbie Charles. It's fast, easy and convenient! Read how you can start using this new feature today.

The ABIA announce Bobbie Charles as 2021 Finalists

Exciting news! Bobbie Charles have made the list of finalists in four categories in Australia’s biggest beauty awards, the 2021 Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA’s). Read more to see what categories we made finalists for...