At Bobbie Charles, we always ensure each client is provided with a unique experience at our Brisbane brow clinic. Let your mind completely relax knowing you are in the best hands that the industry has to offer! Let your day melt away as you enjoy our relaxing meditation sounds and soft signature scent of coconut and lime; your senses will be indulged each time you visit. At Bobbie Charles we are true eyebrow Magicians; looking for balance and symmetry when designing your eyebrow shape, we will create something that transforms before your eyes! We act like your Brow Dr’s by completing booking notes in your client file after each of your visits, to ensure you receive a consistent treatment each and every time.

We believe eyebrows can transform not only how you look, but how you feel. It’s no secret that well-groomed and correctly proportioned eyebrows will frame your face, enhance your features and give you the confidence to tackle whatever life throws your way. We place our trust in high quality, industry-leading brands like Brow Code, Elleebana, Belmacil Shay & Minx LAQUER and Lycon to deliver exceptional results for our clients every time. For our Bobbie Charles team, brows are an addiction, an obsession and a passion. We want you to look and feel your best every day; when you look great, you feel more confident and this exudes from the inside out.

Each of our Nationally Certified Technicians have been trained in the same advanced techniques, so chose to put your brows in the hands of a clinic you can trust.

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Brow Sculpt

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Brow Henna

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