About Bobbie Charles

Who is Bobbie Charles?

Bobbie Charles is owned and operated by Danielle ReneeA foundation set to her family being the inspiration behind the rebrandwith the clinics name being a combination of her parent’s first names. 

Located in Lutwyche Brisbane, the salon opened in 2015 as Wink Lash Studio. Danielle specialised in eyelash extensions and brow sculpting only; but she had a much bigger vision. 

Danielle set out to create a clinic that offered the highest quality skin and beauty treatments, offering a broader range of treatment to save the busy client time. She recruited like-minded professionals who obsessed over the learning and growing as much as she did and wanted to dedicate themselves to delivering a perfect service every time.  

As part of expanding the business, she decided to give the clinic a makeover; this is when Bobbie Charles was born in 2020.  Rebranded, and better than ever.

Today clients from across Brisbane book with Bobbie Charles to receive a range of makeup artistry, cosmetic treatments and injectables from this unique and highly trained team.      

Our obsession for learning is the key to a better experience for you

What’s unique about Bobbie Charles?

Apart from our expert technique and strict attention to detail, what makes Bobbie Charles different is our team of compassionate professionals 

Booking a beauty treatment means putting your faith in someone. You’re trusting them with the health of your skin. With your appearance. With how you present yourself to the world, and how you feel about your place within it.  

And that’s not something to give away lightly.  

We understand the impact of our work goes beyond visible results  

At Bobbie Charles, your treatments are in the safe hands of certified therapists and qualified health practitioners. We take the time to get to know you. Your career, dietary intakehormones and overall health all influence the care and treatment you need. By building a complete picture of your life we can recommend and deliver the treatments you need to achieve the results you desire.  

Bobbie Charles Team

A trip to Bobbie Charles is about making time for yourself

Time spent with us gives you an emotional break from the world. Let our treatment rooms be your oasis from reality, a place of serenity that’s free from judgement and negativity. The time you spend here nourishes your soul as well as your body. So, unload any stress you have, and let yourself entirely relax. You won’t be the first to catch an extra bit of sleep on our treatment beds.  

Taking ‘expert’ to the next level

The beauty industry is always evolving. Our mission is to deliver the best skin, cosmetic and beauty treatments to those who put their faith in us.  

Highly motivated and forever curious, the Bobbie Charles team maintains its skills and expertise with regular training and refresher courses in innovative beauty industry technologies and products. This means you can have that extra peace of mind.  

Achieving your goals is a partnership between you and your therapist. As our client, we empower you by delivering quality treatments at every appointment and giving you the knowledge to get the best results possible. From treatment aftercare to recommended products, we’ll never stop at, “Use this, it’s the best”; we take pride in explaining why it’s the best for YOU 

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

That’s why we have a 24-hour quality guarantee on all our services.

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