The process of Cosmetic Tattooing does temporarily change the state of mind, the body’s blood-chemistry, as well as tax the immune system somewhat during healing. 

  • Avoid sun and/or UV tanning beds prior to your tattoo procedure for 30 days.
  • DO NOT drink alcohol within 24hrs prior to your tattoo procedure.
  • DO NOT drink caffeine the day of your appointment if it makes you agitated/anxious.
  • No skin treatments for 2 weeks prior to your tattoo procedure.
  • No LED for 3 days post having your tattoo procedure.
  • Cease use of prescription strength retinol products 3 months prior to your tattoo procedure.
  • No anti-wrinkle injections for 2 weeks prior, it takes 2 weeks to fully see the results of muscle relaxants and your facial features may change in this time. Fillers greatly change the face/lip shape therefore, filler must have completely settled prior to any Cosmetic Tattooing. We recommend you wait 4 weeks after having filler before Cosmetic Tattooing.
  • If you’re on blood thinning medications that require a prescription i.e. Warfarin, you will need medical clearance from your doctor allowing your tattoo procedure.
  • Blood thinning medications that do not require a prescription for example Vit E, Aspirin, Fish Oil must be ceased 72hrs prior to your tattoo procedure.
  • No colour/tint to your eyebrows 7 days prior to your tattoo procedure. 

In any case where you are suffering a non-contagious skin condition, you should seek medical treatment and obtain clearance from your Doctor before any Cosmetic Tattoo procedure can resume or start. Non-contagious skin conditions include: 

  • Dermatitis or eczema
  • Severe Rosacea or coupe-rosé skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Sun related i.e. sunburn, sun or climate related skin damage
  • Skin cancers, benign or malignant tumours
  • Various types of cysts
  • Dilated capillaries
  • Trauma, bruises or significant scarring 


  • Bring your favourite eyebrow pencils – This helps understand what colour you desire to achieve.
  • Permanent hair removal (IPL) should not be done for 1 week prior.


  • If you are prone to herpes simplex breakouts (cold sores) use Zovirax or Famvir Tablets for 3 days prior to your tattoo procedure, the day of your procedure and 3 days after your procedure. These can be obtained from the pharmacy.
  • Bring your favourite lip liners and lipsticks to your appointment – This helps understand what colour you desire to achieve.
  • Keep your lips hydrated with lip balm the week prior to your appointment.
Brow Cosmetic Tattooing


DAY 1: OMG I love my new tattoo!

DAY 2-5: OH NO! It looks way too dark!

DAY 5-10: WTF? It’s the wrong shape and flaking off (and VERY itchy!)

DAY 10-15: UMM? My tattoo is gone.

DAY 15-30: OOPS! They are back, just a little patchy.

TOUCH UP DAY: YAY! Thank you, Bobbie Charles, my tattoo looks AMAZING!


  • NO swimming, spas, sweating, cleansing, makeup or direct water on the tattoo area until exfoliation/peeling has finished, usually 10 days.
  • NO exercise for 7-10 days (Sweat can cause premature fading of your tattoo pigment).
  • Exfoliation/Peeling is a part of the healing process, this usually takes about 5-10 days.
  • Do not agitate the tattooed skin by picking, itching or irritating the exfoliating/peeling skin.
  • It will be 4 weeks before the true colour of your Cosmetic Tattoo appears. For some clients it is perfect, others it may be too light or patchy in some areas. If this is happening, and peeling has finished, you are able to apply makeup until your scheduled perfecting session.
  • No skin treatments for 2 weeks post your perfecting tattoo procedure.
  • No LED for 3 days post your perfecting tattoo procedure.
  • No anti-wrinkle/filler injections for 4 weeks post tattooing.
  • We recommend sunscreen be used that has a minimum of SPF30+ to prevent fading and degeneration of your tattoo.


  • Wait a minimum of 2 weeks post-procedure for waxing.
  • Wait a minimum of 4 weeks post-procedure for tinting.  


  • Immediately after your procedure lips will be slightly swollen and tender – for full lip treatments the swelling may take 48hrs to settle down.
  • NO hot drinks or spicy foods for the first day.
  • NO lipstick, kissing or direct water for the first 2-3 days.
  • Colour will appear darker than desired. Please do not be worried, you will lose up to 80% after your initial visit.
  • Apply barrier cream constantly to keep the lips moist. The cream will also help with soreness. If you do not apply enough cream to your lips, they will tighten, scab, crack and colour pigment will come out.
  • Lips will exfoliate quickly after 2-4 days.
  • DO NOT pick; they will exfoliate on their own.