What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning (also commonly known as Epiblading) is a non-invasive exfoliating treatment used to remove dead skin cells as well as any vellus (fluffy) facial hair. This treatment immediately rejuvenates the skin whilst stimulating the renewal of new skin cells and fibroblast activity. What is that we hear you say? When we increase fibroblast activity, we are increasing collagen and elastin production, which in return gives your skin it’s framework; giving you a plumper, firmer and tighter skin. 

In this treatment, a sterile surgical blade is used to carefully glide over the entire face and neck leaving the skin silky smooth, glowing and supple. The skins integrity is always maintained and nourished with our specialised serum, both during and after the treatment, reducing any inflammation and irritation; meaning little to no downtime. 

In all of our dermaplaning treatments we start by applying a hydrating and calming sheet mask by Medik8 which ensures your skin is soft and subtle, ready for the blading. This step is crucial for minimising any risk of post dehydration and extra friction caused in the skin. We then perform the dermaplaning treatment followed by leaving you to rest under our Healite II Medical LED light device for an extra healing and anti-aging component. The LED will help speed up any recovery caused by excessive flushing post treatment and will stimulate collagen and elastin, leaving a rejuvenated skin that still has its integrity.


Post Dermaplaning, skin is visibly brighter and polished, the overall tone and texture of the skin is improved. This gentle treatment is perfect for special occasions as it gives you baby soft skin that GLOWS! It also allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper, meaning you get the most out of your ‘at home’ product use.

Service information

Treatment Time & Frequency: 

The treatment time is 60 mins and price is $199. This treatment is usually recommended to be performed every 3-4 weeks to keep your results consistent.

Can be combined with:

Ideal for: 

  • That pre special event GLOW
  • Evening out sun damaged skin
  • Brightening dull skin
  • Minimising enlarged pores
  • Removes peach fuzz
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Skin rejuvenation


  • Use of Accutane®. Must be 6 months post taking this medication
  • Cosmetic surgery, injectables, laser resurfacing, chemical peels or microdermabrasion within the last 2 weeks
  • Severe rosacea or acne
  • Sunburn or irritated skin
  • Infectious disease
  • Active Herpes simplex
  • Diabetes – You will need to seek Dr’s clearance 
  • High blood pressure – You will need to seek Dr’s clearance 
  • Heart disease – You will need to seek Dr’s clearance 
  • Deficient immune system – You will need to seek Dr’s clearance

Expected Side Effects: 

  • Mild redness which will subside within 1-4 hours post treatment 
  • Sensitivity which can last up to 72 hours (we recommend our 830nm Healite II Light Therapy Device for advanced healing)
  • Mild dryness if you have been dehydrated pre-treatment (we recommend our Medik8 Bio-Cellulose Hydration mask)

Pre-Treatment Requirements:


  • Prime the skin with Vitamin C & Vitamin A for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment. Research has shown the use of Vitamin C & Vitamin A prior to and throughout the treatment will maximise the results of this skin rejuvenation procedure. The treatment will be more effective, your healing time will be reduced, and the risk of post peel complications will be lessened.
  • Ensure you are applying a Broad-Spectrum SPF daily 
  • Consult your doctor for an antiviral if you are prone to cold sores


  • Bleach, wax, scrub 1 week before the peel 
  • Apply retinoid (Vitamin A) 3 days before the peel 
  • Have sun exposure to the area being treated

Post-Treatment Requirements: 

For the first 72 hours following the treatment

(After the 72 hours you can then go back to your normal skin routine, but listen to your skin) 


  • Treat the skin gently (stop using wash cloths and facial sponges as to not exfoliate the skin)
  • Wear minimal makeup if required to wear it, mineral makeup is recommended. Check out our Young Blood range which is safe. 
  • Use the recommended post treatment products only – Gentle cleanser, Hydr8 B5 serum (as many times as required throughout the day), Ultimate Recovery Intense Moisturiser (as many times as required throughout the day) & Physical Sunscreen. 
  • Ensure you thoroughly sanitise all makeup brushes / sponges and change your pillowcase, so you are not at risk of infection and/or breakout. 


  • Do not expose the skin to the sun or tanning devices
  • Don’t do excessive exercise as this could cause more dehydration in the skin 
  • Do not use sauna, steam rooms or do hot yoga as it will sting the skin, cause more dehydration and potentially cause infection
  • Do not use AHAs, BHAs, topical steroids, retinol (Vitamin A) or physical exfoliants for 1 week 
  • Do not use any cosmetic products that could irritate the skin

For 2 weeks post treatment:

Avoid further clinical treatments (including but not limited to): microdermabrasion, laser, intense pulse light and or chemical peels.

Not at all. The treatment will feel totally comfortable and relaxing.

No. Dermaplaning gently removes any fine vellus hair (AKA peach fuzz), hairs will not grow back thick, stubbly or darker, as vellus hair will never turn into mature hair (dark hair) from Dermaplaning.

This treatment alone is safe during pregnancy but please keep in mind your skin may respond a little differently whilst you are growing your little munchkin. Pregnancy causes the skin to be more sensitive and heal slower. We will adjust the intensity of the treatment if you are pregnant for extra precaution whilst still getting you the results. All precautions are taken but you are always best to consult your medical professional.

Dermaplaning can be performed every 3 to 4 weeks. This allows the skin to complete its normal 28-day cycle before the treatment is repeated.

All skin types can benefit from Dermaplaning except moderate to extreme acne sufferers and those with rosacea can get quite pink, so we normally recommend different treatments such as peels, LED and facials. Men can be treated on non-beard areas only.

Yes. We recommend waxing first. Dermaplaning will be performed around the waxed area and never over freshly waxed skin.

Exciting! This is our fav treatment to do before a special event, but we do recommend your dermaplaning to be performed 3-5 days before.

We highly recommend letting your skin breathe straight after your treatment, but if you have to, use a light mineral makeup applying with super clean brushes. We highly recommend Young Blood to be used as your makeup for the first 72 hours post-procedure