At Bobbie Charles, we are committed to professionally guiding you through your entire cosmetic tattoo journey. We offer personalised cosmetic tattooing, tailored to the unique needs and desires of every client and pride ourselves on exceeding all expectations every time.  

Our nationally accredited cosmetic tattooists in Brisbane specialise in industry leading treatments for the eyebrow and lip areas.  

As leading cosmetic tattooist’s in Brisbane, we ensure that all of our treatments utilise the latest technology and techniques. All technicians are committed to continued quality improvement, which includes attending regular national education and training opportunities. Our latest training has been through globally recognised educators Brow Daddy, SCALPA and Shay Danielle Academy. This means we can guarantee our clients are receiving the highest quality services that are available in the industry. 

Well known, quality pigments by Perma Blend are used for every treatment to ensure safe implantation of colour, along with longevity of your tattoo.  

As well as balancing and enhancing your natural facial features, cosmetic tattooing provides many other long-lasting benefits.

– Thickens and defines sparse or thinning brows

– Revives uneven lips that have faded with age or environmental factors

– Shortens your makeup application process giving you more time in the morning

– Scar coverage in the cosmetic makeup areas

– Increases self-confidence

– Keeps you looking youthful and helps you look and feel your best

Brow Cosmetic Tattooing


The Bobbie Charles Cosmetic Tattoo Journey:


Please keep in mind we never complete a consultation and perform your Cosmetic Tattoo procedure on the same day. 

Due to Queensland legislation we are required to complete an in-depth consultation and obtain written consent to place an individual order for your compounded anaesthetic prior to the procedure.  This ensures your procedure is pain free and there are no contraindications throughout your Cosmetic Tattoo appointment/s. 

During your consultation, our Brisbane based Nationally Accredited Cosmetic Tattooist will thoroughly discuss the following:

  • The full procedure including the anaesthetic being used, what you will feel during the procedure, discuss any of your concerns and give you all the pre and post care instructions.
  • We will help you decide on the perfect enhancement for you by asking questions about the makeup style you like to wear and what ‘look’ you’re hoping to achieve. We will draw a temporary design for you to manipulate with asymmetry correction in mind, until it’s perfect.
  • Your skin type and texture; as this will help us decide the longest lasting option for you.
  • Your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. This will help determine the perfect blend of colours for your pigment. 

With all questions answered, your mind at ease and the confidence to go ahead with the procedure; we will then schedule all of your appointments. 

Your consultation will incur a $50 charge that is fully redeemable when you book your Cosmetic Tattoo procedure. 

To secure your Cosmetic Tattoo appointment, we will require a 50% booking deposit.


On the day of your appointment, allow up to 2.5 hours in total (the tattooing component of this is usually about 1.5hrs). High grade topical anesthetic is applied to the procedure area upon arrival, whilst an in-treatment anesthetic is continually applied throughout to keep you comfortable for the entire duration of your appointment.

Our Brisbane Cosmetic Tattooist will skilfully map out your design using mapping tools and your face structure for guidance. Hypo-allergenic pharmaceutical grade Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are then carefully implanted into the dermal layer of the skin, ensuring that the Cosmetic Tattoo finished result is perfect and fully meets your expectations as well as our Cosmetic Tattooists exceptionally high standards.

Post Procedure

Immediately following the Cosmetic Tattoo procedure, the enhancement may display mild redness and occasionally slight localized swelling. This usually subsides within 24 hours and should not hinder most normal day-to-day activities.

The tattoo colour will also appear substantially more intense – about 30% brighter or darker than desired. This will lighten and soften as the skin heals, usually within 10 days. It generally takes 4 weeks for the pigment to settle and the true colour to appear. It is only at this stage that the true color outcome of your Cosmetic Tattoo procedure can be fully assessed and appreciated.


Our Cosmetic Tattooist will explain all aftercare at the end of your appointment. Printed aftercare instructions and an aftercare kit will be provided to you. The treatment area should be kept clean and free of any water, sweat or creams until peeling is finished with the exception being lip tattooing which is to be keep moisturized at all times to prevent cracking.

It is recommended that make-up on or near the tattoo be avoided until the natural exfoliation or peeling has finished, usually 10 days. Any tiny scabs that may form should not be scratched off as this may dislodge pigment before the skin has had time to heal.

Perfecting Appointment

Cosmetic Tattooing is a two-step process. At your perfecting appointment 4 weeks post initial appointment, we will evaluate how your tattoo has healed and make any required changes. Allow up to 2 hours for this appointment. You can expect to lose up to 30% of the initial pigment colour, this is completely normal and the reason we schedule a follow-up appointment. Colour retention varies depending on the individual skin type, products used at home, exposure to elements and compliance regarding at home aftercare.

Due to a number of reasons, some individuals may require more than one perfecting appointment. Any further appointments following your perfecting appointment will incur an additional fee.

After achieving your desired look, we recommend an annual refresh appointment to ensure longevity of your tattoo.


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