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When you’re backed by an experienced, motivated and compassionate team, there are no limits 

Did you know the standard working week in Australia is 38 hours? That means you spend 1,976 hours at work every year. And if you’re working in an environment you don’t love and doing tasks you don’t enjoy; those hours can seem like an eternity. 

Call us weird, but we like going to work

“Every hour of life is for living.” It’s a belief that shines through at Bobbie Charles, from the beautiful and positive atmosphere of our clinic right through to the unique staff culture. We enjoy what we do and respect our place of work. So much so that we believe working at Bobbie Charles is unlike working in any other place.

Our values, professional approach and team friendships are what make us different. And we welcome applications from like-minded human beings.

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Do you think you have what it takes?

The beauty industry is forever changing and that excites you. Sticking with what you already know? Not an option! 

You understand that new products and technologies mean education and self-development are ongoing. But as a curious self-starter you embrace the challenge. In fact, you grab every chance you can get to expand your knowledge by learning from those around you, through self-teaching and by enrolling in training. After all, your clients are your number one priority. Keeping your skills fresh and relevant means you will always give your clients the best results. 

You know that compassion and client care are only part of the story. You also want a supportive, uplifting team you enjoy hanging out with over coffee, dinner or drinks. Days in the salon can be long, so being able to unwind with colleagues who are more like family is important to you.    


What we’re about – our values

We embrace our individual skills, quirks and characteristics. We all bring a little something different that keeps the salon running. But as a small team working in a close environment, we understand the importance of being united in our professional approach.

  • Be authentic

    Be confident in your own skin.

  • Take ownership

    Put your hand up and make it happen.

  • Come from heart

    Be humble and understanding.

  • Shine bright like a diamond

    Be happy and be positive

  • Be an expert

    With a student’s mindset.

  • Nurture and protect our brand

    We are your future.

  • Be EXTRA

    Consistently exceed the expectations.

  • K.I.S.S.

    Keep it simple, create solutions.


Bobbie Charles Beauty Therapist - Lacey

Student Testimonial

I started working with the Bobbie Charles team just before I graduated with my Diploma from The French Beauty Academy.

Danielle and Rebecca really helped to grow my confidence and career, offering support and investing into my personal and professional development whilst at Bobbie Charles. This was extremely beneficial, especially being my first time in the industry.

The team at Bobbie Charles are motivating, inspiring and supportive. They are all team players and want the best for their clients and staff. I would recommend Bobbie Charles to any recent graduate, or actually just anyone at all!

Bobbie Charles isn’t just a ‘starting point’, it’s an amazing long term career opportunity, there is so much room for growth within any position there.

The French Beauty Academy Graduate

Our Purpose:

We’re committed to empowering people so they feel confident in their own skin. We believe our personal and professional relationships will last a lifetime.

What it’s like working at Bobbie Charles

Beauty as a profession is broad, and you don’t always have to do be an expert at everything. Bobbie Charles is a company that completely supports that approach.

“I can tailor my career, knowing I’m backed by a team of professionals who are kind, motivated and knowledgeable.” Renee Ellen, Skin Therapist and Lash & Brow Expert

“We hang out outside of work. Yes, there are team bonding days and sessions we do but there are also a lot of times when we get to hang out like friends because we are friends.” Sarah Rose, Assistant Clinic Manager, Lash & Brow Expert

Danielle and the Bobbie Charles leadership team have really given me the space to take control of my role, and supported me in flexible working styles. In turn this has given me the freedom to excel in my role and take ‘responsibility’ (one of my Clifton strengths). I appreciate Danielle’s coaching, guidance and valuable expertise as a leader. It’s created a huge impact on me professionally and personally. Sarah Ellen, Brand & Marketing

“I had pleasure of working at Bobbie Charles as a Receptionist/Graphic Designer in 2019 – 2020. Working at Bobbie Charles was an absolute delight. Danielle took me in during a time when I was really struggling to find suitable work as I was studying a uni degree full-time that didn’t offer much flexibility. I was welcomed in with open arms and offered a safe space to learn and grow. She allowed me to work around my uni schedule and find times that would work for me (something that is quite unheard of in a lot of workplaces).

At Bobbie Charles I was offered support and opportunities to expand my skill set. Danielle put a LOT of focus into personal development which I think is extremely important. We would go on self-development retreats, take days to reflect and she’d take us out on the regular to show her appreciation. She is the kind of leader that wants to see every one of her team members thrive and do their absolute best! I’ve noticed that a lot of CEOs will create an ‘us vs them’ mentality and sit back and watch their employees do all of the hard work for them. Not Danielle! She’s out there putting in the hard yards with you and getting to know you and all that you’re about. That is something to really admire.”  Brenna, Receptionist/Graphic Designer

Be part of the Bobbie Charles family

If you resonate with what you’ve heard, then we’d love to hear from you.

We’d like you to send us two things:

  1. Your CV that shows us what experience you have to date 
  2. A detailed cover letter explaining why you believe you’re a good fit for the Bobbie Charles brand. 

Please send your application to:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Bobbie Charles Team at ABIA 2022


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