Signs-Your-Gut-Health-Needs-Some Support


It’s a minefield of information out there when it comes to gut health and it’s pretty easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Should you take prebiotics or probiotics? Should you eat grain free, paleo, Keto, GAPs, low carb or high carb?

Here at Bobbie Charles we believe that digestive health plays a massive part in your skin health AND your day to day wellbeing. But we also believe that an individualised approach is key because, it’s not about what works for everyone’s gut, it’s about what works for yours.

We’ve asked our Nutritionist and gut health expert, Carissa, to share with you some of the common digestive signs that you might experience if your gut needs some TLC.

Five signs something might be up with your gut?! Read on…

1. Irregular bowel motions

In the ideal world what we want to see is 1-2 well-formed bowel motions each day. Frequent visits to the loo with urgency and looseness to your stool, or, on the flip side harder to pass, dry stools are a big sign that something’s not right.

2. Bloating, gas and/or cramping

These are all little gastrointestinal tract alarm bells going off trying to tell you, the human in charge, that something isn’t quite right.

3. Reflux, heartburn and indigestion

If you get burning sensations in your rib cage and stomach area, acid reflux and/or lots of burping then we need to investigate that. If things aren’t great at the beginning of the digestive process, then there’s going to be downstream effects as well.

4. Blood and or Mucous in your stool

This is a pretty big warning sign to chat to your health professional asap! Mucus is sign of increased immune activity and/or infection and blood could be haemorrhoids or something more serious.

5. A general feeling of being unwell.

If you experience random nausea, lack energy, get sick frequently, or you feel like you’re starting to react to all different types of foods then best start looking into what is going on at the gut level.

“In short what I look for in a healthy functioning gut is this: regular daily bowel motions that are easy to pass and well formed with minimal gas, bloating and/or reflux “ – Carissa Mason, Clinical Nutritionist.


If you, like so many others, have been doing a few ‘head-nods’ reading this, then perhaps it’s time you have a think about looking further into your gut and digestive health. Carissa LOVES this space and is well versed in all facets of dietary manipulation and functional testing when it comes to helping you sort things out.

**This post is repurposed with the permission of Carissa from JCN Clinic. Carissa is working alongside our Therapists to create a holistic approach to skin health, targeted directly to your concerns. Carissa is a practicing Senior Clinical Nutritionist at JCN, and holds a Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition) with a core interest in hormonal and digestive concerns. She works with all aspects of female hormonal concerns, including skin and reproductive health.